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There was a time I’d look at you
Try to climb the wall I’d built
Never was as easy as it seemed
With everything I suffered through
I always did believe in you
Why couldn’t you believe in me?
I now see the face you tried to hide
The ugliness inside
Day by day we slowly died
I never saw what you denied
The misery inside
Every moment shared is done and forgotten
Cast out from your mind (cast aside)
Promise of eternity
No, I wasn’t perfect
But I thought you understood me
Run away, start life anew
A rude awakening of truth
Burned the bridge between us to the ground
You left your mark upon me all those years ago
Seven years of my love wasted, nothing left to show
Stranger I’ve know so long, heartless as a stone
Branded with the pain inside, this frozen heart is now mine to own
Maybe now you see what you thought of me was wrong
I guess it’s too late to change the course you chose
The point of no return for you meant the death of who I was
Realized things are never as they seem
Life lesson, bitter painful pill
Still I question if you ever were who you claimed to be
Or did you lie to me?
You left your mark on me, I’ll never be the same
I’ve gone back home, this wall is twice as high
Looking back, what have I achieved?
It’s too late, too late for me

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