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Stare at the Sun - lyrics

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Beauty Divine, my fate set when we met
Couldn’t see who you were
Sightless eyes love had burned
Trust in your words, in my heart light from dark
What a fool I believed
You were the one for me
Blinded by love, blinded by pain
I stared at the sun for too long
Learned I was wrong, learned to move on
I’ve stared at the sun for too long
I can’t see what you see
So tell me again just how perfect I am
Never thought you could be the cause of so much pain
Now here I lie, dead inside
So tell me again what a bastard I am
‘Cause nothing hurt me more
Than when I looked in your eyes and saw you were gone
How could you turn your back on me?
Smash the dream
And reveal all I feel was just fantasy
Light to dark

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