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All throughout I'm filled with doubt, how can this all be?
I work real hard to see beyond my uncertainty
I don’t know how I’ll make it now, is this my destiny?
If pushed too hard, a calm resolve, I lose my sanity
I’m in a daze, my life has stayed, I’ve felt disharmony
How can it be I cannot see the forest through the trees?
I’ve fought so hard to understand and realize their dream
To learn their rules, to play their games but I lose my dignity
I hit the wall and lost it all, my grim reality
Ten years gone by, the mists of time reveal what I've achieved
How can it be I could not see the forest through the trees?
Walking with fate, can’t hesitate, it will be as it should be
Walk with fate
My pulse is racing, there is no sound
Search for answers seldom found
Never feeling, so unyielding, mind is reeling
But I know I have no choice as I go in blind
Walking with fate
Walk with fate (Destiny)

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