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Optimus Prime - lyrics

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(Comma's used as slight pause)
Before Time began, there was the Cube, It had the power to make worlds create life but then soon. Like all great power some wanted it for good others wanted it for evil, and then the war ensued. War raged on between the Autobots and the Decepticons on our home planet Cybertron. We wanted it for peace, they wants tyranny but eventually the sacred All Spark was gone. They searched on and on and the Decepticons learned that it landed on earth then their leader Megatron crashed landed on the planet in the arctic he was stranded, the humans were in trouble, then came the Autobots..
The leader of the Autobots, his name is Optimus, he arrived from Cybertron, transformes into a flaming truck. Last known living of the Primes and he would gladly give his life to save whats left of human kind. The legend of Optimus Prime..
Years later we would learn of man, Archibald Witwicky an ancestor of Sam. Archibald once fell into a whole and what he saw was our enemy, made a discovery accidentally, activated his navigation, imprinting the Cubes location onto his glasses passes down to Sam Witwicky. We tell Bumblebee to protect Sam, which he does, but as more Decepticons attack, they need us, through earths atmosphere we landed on the plant, but we must transform to remain a secret. There was Jazz, Iron-Hide & Ratchet, then Bumblebee and me, now to the glasses. Intercepted by agent Simmons from Sector 7. Bumblebee tries to save them but they all get held captive. It turns out the All-Spark's in the same place and they're keeping Megatron, spraying ice in his face. Decepticons attack and are led by Starscream, trying to free Megatron and he starts to unfreeze, so they free Bumblebee and he takes the All-Spark, makes it much much smaller, and then they embark. The Decepticons are chasing and the battle ensues, on the highway, in the city and we can't afford to loose. Now Megatron's awake and he's looking for the cube, now we have to protect Sam it's the only thing to do..
(Repeat Chorus)
The battle's coming close and I'm not doing my best so Sam takes the Cube and he puts it in his chest. Megatron falls apart and the battle is won and I pick up the shard but Jazz has fallen. But for now there was peace so I message into space to all traveling Autobots to tell them of this place got a pretty good response Dino & Sideswipe, but some not quite Autobots but more like Auto-Nots. Sergeant Lennox & Epps had started Nest Team, an anti-Decepticon unit but now it seems more and more have been turning up and appearing and through the enemy sound wave they've been watching. They attack where the Cube Shard is and the know Megatron's in the Laurentian abyss. They put the Shard in his chest, wakes him up like true loves kiss. Now we all must fall back because he's coming for the kid. Sam is kidnapped and dropped into Megatrons lap, we arrive just in time to begine our attack. Everybody flee's from our enemies, Sam rides with me then we leave and the fight stretches to the trees. Megatron & Starscream trying to get Sam and I'm killing as many Decepticons as I can. Autobots coming fast but Megatron kicked my ass, put a blade through my chest. I did my very best. While I was gone they learned of a key that contained energon and could revive me. Megatron and The Fallen have been looking for this key. The Matrix of Leadership, Sam brought it to me. I came back into the war and the fallen had a device to make the sun no more. Jetfire gave his parts and I flew to the peak and I only had one shot and that's all that I need. The fight raged on as the autobots fought and I injured Megatron and the Humans dropped their bombs. The enemy flew away as I took The Fallen's face. We survived this battle, now onto the next phase..
On Earths moon we would soon find, the remains of Sentinel Prime, an ancient leader of the Autobots and bring him life. We thought him to bring us peace, and the Decepticons to their knees, but he betrayed us and made a deal with our sworn enemies. Plans to enslave humanity, and wipe out all their cities, bring back Cybertron with the Beacons of our ancestries. The Decepticons all around, we have to shut them down. We know what we must do so Autobots roll out..
(Repeat Chorus)

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