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Something crushes and burns
When I think of losing you again
When you walk from me
When you run from my life
The wrong that I have caused
And the pain that I create
Unspeakable hurt I bring down on you

The life that I have wanted
With you is now destroyed
My callused hands and hard words
Alone in the gloom my misery awaits
With my heart in yuor hands
I come crawling back to you
The world and the words of love have failed
All that I want bleeds into shadow

I am the imperfect child
In this flawed
And twisted broken dream
I am the poison
Nagging doubt and fear
The secret you'll never free

Anger feed this circle of hate
Destroys us both
And bleeds away my dream
With my heart in your hands
You crush what I want to be
This precious life and love
Still still born in greif

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