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Crucified - lyrics

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They got coffins for sale on the edge of LA
They come in satin drenched, spirit broken double wide
Half for your body, half for your mind
Trying to make sense of senselessness was recklessness
Till I finally realised I’d spent half my life
Trying to alchemize truth outta lies
Oh no, here we go
A nail in my hand
Guess I should’a known
Now that I’ve been crucified
Buried and brought back to life
Give me your best shot
What you got?
I hope you said your goodbye’s
Cause I’m going off the rails this time
Never getting off this ride
Strung on a wire
Burned in the fire
And I’m still alive!
Time flies when you’re under the gun
And now the store front windows are showing someone that I shoulda, coulda, woulda been
When I wander the streets alone and I’m high on adrenaline
They did a good job selling me on that old fashioned 21st century lie
Mutated from a 2nd century lie
Too tasty to pass, too perfect to last
Oh no, here we go
A spear in my side
Guess I should’a known
Whoah, Whoah, Whoah
I was crucified, but I’m still alive!

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