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Crimson blood flows in the dark
And thirst inside me dies away again
Crimson blood is the food of the gods
I taste it, forgetting of the time
My heart is black like night
There is no love, just evil anger
There is no light, only darkness
I don't care who is a friend and who is foe
Black wings bring me into the night
At sight of me people run away
I am the demon of the night, flying in the darkness mist
I am the eternal ranger, serving the dark
In my life I'm cursed and betrayed
By the people who were slaves to the lust
I was burnt at the ritual fire
And now I serve Satan, not at my will
I am his incarnation on the sinful land
I keep his hatred and dark inside me
I keep his strength, his thoughts and his power
It makes people terrified and startled
I make his thoughts come to life
Creating mortal misfortunes and evil on Earth
I am the demon of death, I am the dark prophet
infernal fate I bring to this world
You can't remain on your feet, there is no point in fight
Your only choice is to submit
Submit your fate, your bloody fate
that was to cross roads with me
You are all sinners, slaves to the vice
You will always moan in the lamps of the dark
Your world will fall to oblivion and mist
And evil and fear will rule here

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