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fingers are cold
mind is a burden
but you,re not that old
to not to feel that yearning
covered by the ice
not be able to move
so roll that dice
let it choose your fate for you
Roll it
if you don't know where to go
roll it
if you are felling like unknown

put your cards on a table
reap what you sow
there aint no turning back
to the man you were before
bet is bet
but it depends with whom you are betting
loosing can be wining
if you know which rules you're been setting
you can bet it all at eleven
you can bet it all at three
if you let the walls fall down
you'll be free indeed
if you don't know where to go
roll it
if you are feeling like unknown
when the walls fall down
when there are no borders
do not hesitate
and break that ice
do not hesitate
and roll that dice....

Roll It Roll It roll it Down
Roll It Roll It Roll it Down

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