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All I Need Is One - lyrics

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Lying awake in a stranger´s town
Hearing my heart make a broken sound
As I´m wondering about you
And what you´re doing now
Taking a breath and remenbering
Full of regret for so many things
I reach out in the darkness
To wherever you are
There´s a thousand miles
And a million tears between us
And I can´t undo what I´ve done
And I´m sure there´s a hundred ways
I can tell you that I´m sorry
But when it comes down to a second chance
All I need is one
Time is road going just one day
Can´t turn around back to yesterday
If I knew how to do that
I know I wouldn´t be here
What if I told you I loved you still
That´s something that distance and time won´t kill
And it sure makes you lonely
When you do it alone
All I need is one night with you to find tomorrow
One right to wipe away the wrong

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