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Up & Down - lyrics

We go up & down 4x
Its not manic if you mean it
Baby on a head rush bottle full of manufactured feelings
Lost to the reelings of my deals and how I wheel them
“Sign with a major Sai, your soul is a major price
Maybe you can steer the cart if you’re lucky
Take a chance roll the dice, need the money”
All my old fans rant that I sold out
Fridge is broken living in the hood
Ask to who? Maybe they can fund me moving out
So when my luck is down
Its anyone’s guess if ill keep on keeping on or quit while I’m ahead
I’m in the lead; these girls ain’t even in my league
They’re good but I’m out of my mind
They’re in stripper clothes & weaves tryna pass the time
If I was doing this to get paid would’ve married rich
I rap cause it’s how cause it’s how I survive plus Sai loves the kids
We go up & down
Dear doctor, doctor may have gone off my medication
Everything feels fucked up but looks great on paper
These boys want me taken
Write their names across me but the cross on my back
Baggage on my arm makes me rather costly
I’m a risk, full time job I don’t deny the accusations
Just tryna dodge the mob when I feel that I’ve been wronged
I’m the first to gather arms
Go on a hunt burn the purps with these songs
Yeah I’m petty sometimes pretty
Few who get me, some get with me
Oh so witty but most are blind
Been working hard forever on my grind
Got a lot to say but even less time to do it
Lot gather stones to throw but never do shit on their own to lose at
Nice glass house be careful what you say
Your words bark, but mine have been known to carry blades
We go up & down

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