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Linger In Doubt - lyrics

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Everything can lose its meaning
Sometimes there is a reaon why
Words on the screen...
These words on the screen
Revealing something and still
Telling something
One sentence after another
Searching for you
Something is wrong here, somebody must know
Too torn inside to see it with non judging eyes
Feed us more with these words on the screen
What do we do?
Where do we go?
When answers run out
Left alone
Linger in doubt
Nothing seems to make sense anymore
You disconnect from reality
Searching just to find another way
To explain how and when, where and why
Do you deny?
The words on the screen tell something different
Do you choose to believe?
Silence is broken again
Awakening the monster inside
An indication got a hold of you
It was seducing your mind
The first level is now clear
But lies got you nowhere

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