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Devil’s Bandit - lyrics

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Yeah, yo
Yeah, inside my mind's a corridor that's dark and full of horror
I'm mentally depressed my life is stressed and full of sorrow
Fellas close to relics leaving skeleton remains
Take a telescope to pain
I am hella-dope again
I got bottled up aggression and I can't breath
My blood is boiling, thoughts uncoiling I'm a damn chief
But we no play play, cause we are workaholics
I'm diabolical they're worthless and my circle's flawless
I'm diabolical; a serpent I dont worship satan
My words are evil though and they create a perfect painting
Theres alot of anger pented up inside of me
But live the life I dream about I'll scream it out excitedly
Isn't it a nice day for a white wedding
And woke up drunk thinking 'bout a fight I might get in
Spiderbite come on and blowing up [?]
Blow up every hook it's like my book I mean it's dynamite
I keep it hardcore spit it like an oldtimer
They should have killed me but I'm filthy like a coal miner
These motherfuckers got no heart they got no honour
A blow monster alcoholic drunk with no sponsor
My ex-wife don't like me I ain't talking her
I kick zanax and [?]
To stand with the heaven yeah
I keep walking up, my talk is tough,
since Stiff is a manic and my partial's tough
I swear I've been heated, since my teen years
I'm staring through the dark clouds now it seems clear
There's just so many places I can fly with this
I'm sick of this, I think I'll stick my dick in a psychiatrist
I've got my foot on the pedal
Bang your head heavy metal
Balls to the wrong row
Call from the ghetto
Just never settle hit the spot like a [?]
Packing big nuts I dropped them of in your girlfriend
Merlin, drop wizardry
Vocals stay slippery
Tongue kinda silvery
I've come for the victory
Put you out your misery
Should have checked the history
Sicker than delivery I leave your skin blistery
[?] eat your face off
I'm more hated than Adolf
I've been running for years and still never got my pay-o
But it's okay-o
Cause-e here come trouble
Put a lion in a chokehold I'm king of the jungle
Never run never fumble
Never cry never crumble
I try staying humble but my rhyme's kinda gung-ho
Still ride with my gun tho lifetime in the tunnels
Underground sludge got a shang with the sun tho
I'm from mansville
Home of the down [?]
Come in my zone [?] and get found rotten
Bodies get caught off and cops carry [?]
21 guns salute you the target
Never catch me slip 'n trick
Shotgun with a pistol grip
Steady dancing with lady venoms she claiming innocent
I don't wanna hear this shit, snake's tongue slithering
A walking time bomb blow this whole shit to smithereens
Never get rid of me riping a flow vividly
Killing these hoes lyrically
Get mixed with no delivery
I know you sick of these bitches running the industry
Ruining rap music we sending them to the guillotine
We are the underground give them what they ask for
Snap, UGH, supreme villain and baxwar
Supremely villain is schizophrenic encryptic addicted to killing shit
Yo my mental's inflicted with it
Yay-o, yay-o, I admit
After 5 or 6 sips, I'm violin
Yay-o, I'm the man with the iron fist
Bout to drunk drop to whip the vancouver i-o-sland
I-o, I-o, I try to quit
But I'm high as shit
Flying like a pi-o-lit
The sky is lit
Don't know why the engine light is red
I guess it's cause I'm another product of my environment
My flow is hotter than your flames up in your firepit
Why don't you sit back and roast some marshmallows
My lyrics will paint perfect collages
Like my name was Bernardo Castello
Hellooo ayooo anyone got that medicine?
Doctor said that I must have hit my head again
I've been smoking oil like I play for Edmonton
Devil's in my house and I don't think I let him in

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