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'Loyalty' (Feat. Kali & Twice Thou) - lyrics

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[Verse 1: Slaine]
I been watchin' you all as you ride with dishonesty
Y'all been claimin' king, but you die with no dynasty
Little look how cats tryin' to hide for a finder's fee
Demon on my side, that's my guy, he's remindin' me
Every rapper mine, back in time, they're rewindin' me
Every backwards mind that I turned is in line with me
My mystique is real, I'm the legend in the urban myth
Drug addiction all around my corner and I'm servin'
You should know this and notice to put it on a notice
They'll stab you in the back when the hood is on your shoulders
Speakin' to the people so what good is y'all promoters?
I analyzed the game and understood it all was bogus
So I been watchin' you watchin' me and I'm lookin' back
Seen you pushin' smack, countin' dirty money, cookin' crack
I used to have cigarette burns in my sofa
You listen to my world as it turns in my culture
[Hook: Kali]
Ridin' by myself got me feelin' lonely
Cruisin' through the city with my tank on me
Lookin' for my friends, where the fuck's my homies?
The only thing I ask for is loyalty
There's way too many snakes in this game for me
And murdered is the only thing you get for free
I ain't even worried 'bout my lawyer's fees
My gun "bang, bang" for that loyalty
[Verse 2: Kali]
My profits risin', I'm terrorizin' the game now
Yellin' on these records, I'm feelin' higher than Slaine now
Military mind state, they try to shoot my plane down
I'm incognito with Desert Eagles and trey pounds
Life of a gambler, sideline scrambler
This ain't no internet porn, we don't fuck with amateurs
Baby blue Porsche, bucket seats and I'm flyin', son
In the fast lane, drunk as fuck like I'm Ryan Dunn
High off of life, take a hit off my success
Drivin' by myself, hearin' voices, I'm possessed
What the fuck you haters talkin' 'bout? What happened to the loyalty?
I'm royalty, these sour milk duds tryin' to spoil me
Couple shots of whiskey got me pissy, feelin' dizzy
Shouldn't drive, but I'm behind the wheel, flyin' through the city
Got Molly in the passenger, Mary Jane in the back
My block is hotter than Africa, all my pistols are black
[Verse 3: Twice Thou]
Straight off the block with the shooter report
Y'all fuck boys, Twice style, serve soup with a fork
When gun talk meet the kiss of death
Disrespect runs deep when the legions disconnect
Loadin' up the ammo on that Rambo
That pop off silent like the "D" in "Django"
Navy Seal clone, prepare for the unknown
Livin' on the razor's edge, 'till the gun blow
Y'all done fucked with some suicide bombers
Walkin' through a hail of bullets with body armor
Pearl Harbor, the man's a nuisance
And he just came home early * * *
You know what they say, every dog has his day
The ass write a check, the mouth gotta pay
It ain't a crime wave, it's enemy occupation
Step 'cross enemy lines, termination, that's loyalty

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