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Don't worry we'll find it
Keep it really sexy and like dark in a really damp cave
Last night last night I woke up from a dream
Came face to face with my face facing a tombstone teeth
Man called Chiklets came down through the ages
Desperate beauty of a middle weight boxer
Came beating the force field
With the elegant grace of a
He was trying to get a perfect grip but there was no absolute grip
He was a sailboat a glass bottom boat
In the bottom of the boat he was coming down
Through the ages
Seeing waxy molten liquor spillin' down
The two spiney eye o' the village the spinal eye
All of his victims find the eye the tip
It was living in his victim like a question mark
He hovered over him what do you want from him?
What do you want from him?
What do you want from him?
I think that there was an actual um I think there was an actual connection in the cave
I just can't imagine I just can't imagine the connection going down there
I can't imagine a connection at all
Was it like a err
Like a boxing ring
With err gold ropes
Soft very softest most desperate carrot
And coming down
Through the ages
Forty-one BC
Give yourself a fadeout

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