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Pagan ritual, Spill the blood of the virgin
Darkness growing stronger with every stab
Screams echo in the hallways of the underworld
Manifested in choir of blackened, tainted cries
It flows all red with boiling blood
Filled with those who did wrong to God
There's no way to escape the pain
Your fate is sealed you can't run away
Harm to thy brother
Harm to thyself
Harm onto God
A curse you can't dispel
And now you rot in hell
Now suffer the second death
Cerberus, the vicked beast
Three heads guarding the circles
Be devoured, take thy judgement
see the truth and live through the pain
The blood of Acheron flows in thy veins
Death is laughing the merriest of laughter
The blade goes deeper inside the mortal flesh
Channeling the energy to the one true god
wailing spirits tortured to unrest
falling deeper into darkness and despair

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