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Warrior Witch of Hel - lyrics

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The sky is a black abyss
A chance to reminisce
On tattered corpses swinging from every gnarled tree
Eternal victims of Nidhug's cruel sorcery
Warrior Witch of Hel
Doomed slave marked for death
Skull ring of the great goddess encase her rotting flesh
Jeweled goblet of blood wine
Floods his tainted form
Half conjured rituals to crush the impending rebellion
Led by a slave who fought her way out
Armed with steel, shield, and axe
Trembling he pours over yellowed scrolls
Remembering that hel laughs last
Warrior Witch of Hel
Doomed slave marked for death
Ride out to the king's damned lands to incite his last breaths
Warrior Witch of Hel
Sworn to the great goddess
Awaken in ice shrouded halls to fill a doomed promise
Tormenting visions plague the mind
Deaths taunt contours ill timed
Raise growing fist up to the sky
Into battle demons ride

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