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Baptized In the Rio Grande - lyrics

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Way down
Bred by bloodsuckers
And dying trees that scream
"You'll never see past scrutiny.”
Way down
Absorb the sun
Radiate then peel away
Way down
Concrete flows like water
It don't falter,
To manifest jungles of steel
Born and raised
In the bowels of the states
Where glory days
And doom are hand in hand
When I've lost my way
All I need, is within me
Born and raised
Baptized in the Rio Grande
Weighed down
Hope holds no water
We don't bother to
Feed the seed within our hearts
Weighed down
By blood, lies, pride and politics
We are weighed down.
Lest we become fruitless,
Lest we don't succeed
Anchored in complacence
We forever sink

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Baptized In the Rio Grande

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