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Have you ever seen a broken man?
Walking down the street with his loneliness... woouuoo… pain and desperation…
Have you seen his eyes, wizened faced?
He's a soul that sees no light, tho' his walking open-eyed, yeah...
Wooouuuo… even when the sun shines...
Have you heard his heart? It barely beats...
For the weight of life is too heavy burden... wooouuuo… this life
is cruel for certain...
Now imagine this, it's you that broken man,
Who has reached his own final empty crossroad... wooouuuo… it's
time to help your lost soul… wooouuuo… It's climbing of the cross…
Oh, no!
Set me free!
And I will lead von to your own heaven!
How any longer will you suffer this?
How much further will you tolerate this?
Let me show you, how it must be done…
Let me show you, how you'd make it gone!
Let me show you, what it's all about!
Let me show you, how to make them bow!
Set me free!
And I will lead von to your own heaven!
You should stay wise, young man,
Don’t you slip now…
After such a painful way,
The light is getting down...
I am still watching you,
Tryin' you out...
Those who will pass all this
Looses their loads...
You’ve got anger inside and it will make you stronger!
You’ve got hate to survive and make your life last even longer!
You’ve got filth it will help you smile!
You’ve got me! I'll help you beguile!
Well the life is an awful game,
There you simply choose
If becoming good or bad won't make you loose…
And I know for sure what's true -
Is that the end depends on you,
You're a man who plays the game against God and Devil.

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