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Our Beloved Leader by The Aladeenies - lyrics

Admiral General Aladeen
He came down from Heaven
I can't wait to have sex with him
When I turn eleven
General Admiral Aladeen
Fucker of ten thousand women
General Admiral Aladeen
We are literally his children
Stronger than an elephant
Wiser than an owl
Braver than Hitler
Inventor of the towel
General Admiral Aladeen
Greatest leader that's ever been
We love the oppressor of Wadiya
And fucker of ten thousand women
When he ejaculates
Rainbows appear in the sky
Got Selma Hayek pregnant once
By shooting lebena in her eye
Oh, fearsome Aladeen,
The mighty power he wields
We're honored to one day
Be your human shields
General Admiral Aladeen
Protector of Wadiya
Brilliant General Aladeen
Fucker of fifteen thousand women
The days of the week are Aladeen
So we can praise him daily
He's threat to every men on Earth
Except the Israelis

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