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Police believe us - lyrics

Believe me,
he is a liar.
The court accused us,
though We are not guilty.
Police believe us,
we We are not guilty.
Believe us,
all we are blameless.
We have to go away,
we will no stand here,
children are very fight.
The police have come back to earth please.
This is a terrible killer,
he´s lying.
Please trust us,
we speak the truth.
Police do not believe us,
we do not know why.
Believe us.
Believe us.
do not shout at us.
You have won five milion.
this is great,
but what will now be with him?
But what about,
let him in jail.
That´s cool,
he will finally have peace.
How many years can you let go?
About three.
This is not very good.
(About three years later).
We were in court.
The police told us that it can no longer kill.
It´s cruel but it deserves it.
(The film Game Trousters 4 will be there brother
who gave it to kill the evil that was also on this
Ostatek pisně neskôr!!!!!

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