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Chinatown, my Chinatown - lyrics

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Chinatown, my Chinatown,
Where the lights are low,
Hearts that know no other land,
Drifting to and fro,
Dreamy, dreamy Chinatown,
Almond eyes of brown,
Hearts seem light and life seem bright
In dreamy Chinatown.
Chin-Chin, Chinatown,
where lights are low,
hearts know no other land,
Drifting to and fro,
Dream, dream - Chinatown,
almond eyes of brown,
hearts seem light and, seem bright
In dreamy Chinatown!
Ba-ba-ba-di, ba-ba-doo-ba-bay
ba-ba-ba-di-doo, ba-ba-boo-a-bay
ba-ba-by-ba-by, bay-ba-ba-boo, a-bay
ba-ba-di-ba, di-ba-di-dou
ba-di-ba-by-bo, ba-ba-di-bi-bou!....

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