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8 Mile Rabbit Battles Lil' Tic - lyrics

I'mma murder this man!
He's the type to lose a fight with a dyke
They don't laugh cause you're whack, they laugh cause you're white with a mic
You're a laughing stock
But when the laughter stop, when you and Everlast
Bitch ass get popped
You a wigger that invented rhymes for money
Watch Lil' Tic spit, kick, the energizer Bunny
Rip the Rabbit head off, toss it to Hugh Hefner
Cuz I don't play boy, now tell me who's fresher (You ARE!)
Lil' T, that's right, cock the heat and shoot ya
I'll punish Rabbit, or obsolete Future
My paws love to maul an MC
Cause he's faker than a psychic with caller ID
So that bullshit, save it for storage
Cause this is hip hop, you don't belong you're a tourist
So put ya hockey stick and baseball bat away
Cause this here Detroit, 16 Mile road thataway, thataway

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