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Johnny Cage's theme - lyrics

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Prepare yourself, the Mortal Kombat's on today
Prepare yourself, Mortal Kombat all the way
Prepare yourself, Mortal Kombat's here to stay
Ooh, Johnny Cage is not afraid to die
Please welcome, mister John Carlton
The blue-eyed actor from Venice - California
He's cool, he's hot, he's crazy - Here's Johnny Cage
Fight Cage, Johnny Fight
Use your split punch and make 'em cry
Be tough, shoot your green fire
The shadow kick, we all admire, is strong
Fight for your life
Mortal Kombat at the speed of light
so beat the bad guys and make 'em sigh
Johnny Cage is not afraid to die
Chorus :
Prepare yourself, the Mortal Kombat.....
From the United States of America
The movie star with the iron fist
He's 29, he's mean, he's in great shape
The one and only Johnny Cage
Rap :
Fight Cage, Johnny fight.......
Chorus :
Prepare yourself, the Mortal Kombat......

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