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Taunted and tortured
Insulted and reviled
In thrall to human overlords
Since I was a child
Surrounded by weaklings
Pathetic and oppressed
Satisfied to gnaw on scraps
Afraid to leave the nest
Won't apologize for
Punishment is
Subjugate, humiliate us
Rob us of our pride
Watch them fall as
I am glorified
You'll see
I'm their hero
I'll be lionized
I have the strength to do what's needed
Unify our people
with no compromise
Champion the truth
until they recognize
Lead them to salvation
and regain our lives
Behold your flaccid leaders
Too weak to take the prize
Replace them with a warrior
It's time we mobilize
Depose the feeble cowards
Heed this battle cry
Vengeance on the human filth
The time is now we rise
Won't accept a life of
Suffering is over soon
Terminate, annihilate
Our enemies must die
Destroy them all while
I am glorified
I'm here
I'm your savior
I'll be lionized
I am the path to reclamation
This world will have no peace
til our dream's realized
No mercy no compassion
our fate's justified
Time to turn the table
on who's tyrannized

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