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I'm onto you, I've seen your ways
Show yourself better than what you make believe
All I hear is the sound of sleep
Deafening comfort in the arms of sweet dreams
Now this won't take long, we'll rise up again
And re-right these wrongs
I won't do it, I've rushed you
Patiently guarding the life that you deceived
I've crawled for you, or so they say
We rise to it, fall again into the same dream
You won't have to wait long, they'll show up again
Make way for the fall
Wake up
There's blood in your sweat
When you wake up
Cower, blood suckin' liar
Who you gonna call
When you wake up
Sinner, what you gonna see
When you wake up
Beg, you little fucking liar
Your head on this chopping board
If this is entertaining
I hope you all enjoy the view
Wide awake and still asleep
Keep failing this riddle in my head
I, I'm failing to get it can't you see
Honestly, wide awake but still asleep
Don't leave this too long (it won't take long)
Tomorrow will come (hang on)
You won't have to wait long, rise up again
It's your day in the sun
They've shown up again
They've shown up again
They've shown up again
They've shown up again
Please wake up
Please wake up

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