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Sonny With A Chance Making Babies Cry - lyrics

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Baby there's something that
I've got to tell you girl
It just may be the most important thing in the world
you know that
I love you and there's no one above you
But there is something that
I love even more then you
It's making babies cry
It make me feel alive
Monster peek-a-boo
It make them go boohoo
Makin' babies cry
You're probably wave bye-bye (x2)
When I make the babies cry
Hey baby you're thinking that I'm crazy
Or that my reason it is hazy
But I get so much joy
Making babies cry
Their whimpers give me pride
Breaking babies toys
It makes my favourite noise
Making babies cry
Screaming on thier side
Making babies cry
Making babies cry
Baby I know I'm not winning any popularity contests
But this is what makes me whole
Some guys have blogs, or play checkers
Others organize book clubs..
But me..
I make tiny adorable babies cry their little heads off!
It's what makes me.. me.. me.. yeah.. yeah
Oh it makes me.. me
So baby take my hand
Together we will stand
And we can start making babies cry
We'll laugh until we cry
Making babies cry, we'll do it till we die togther
Spend our lives making babies, making babies cry
Making babies cry (x4)

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