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Eventually But by Underworld, Ewen Bremner - lyrics

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Gail, I wish I could find better words today to tell you I'm sorry. You shouldn't have to read this because I already made you suffer too much, but I know that you and Fergus, are living in a better world without all my chaos
I'm sorry for all the things I destroyed. You're so beautiful.
The most beautiful in the world
and I only ever made this world ugly
Fergus needs things to be simpler, I know how embarrassed he is about me, I could not be the man that you both need.
I've tried and tried and tried for twenty years and everything
I try is another disaster. I love you.
I love Fergus more than anything, but I'm finished Gail,
I'm sorry. I love you both.
I want to see you both smile again, Danny Boy
Now I'm sat on a chair outside the door of a corridor
A blue door, locked door
I'm tryin' not to be noticed
Here comes a face
I know that face
It smiles at me
And silent, and silent, and silent

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