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Good to be home - lyrics

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ooooh yea
ohoh yea
With reverance I enter
Into this holy place .
A home that's like no other
Full of mercy, love, and grace
And though its been a long time
I've never felt thar far
Cause you were always on my mind
And you are always in my heart
It's so good to be home
Where I know that I belong
Inside this house of love
With a family so strong
And I'm here to to worship
And pour out my offering
In the presence of this love
I'm never alone
It's so good to be home
(Home, home, sweet home)
So good to be home
(Home, home, sweet home)
I know I'm always welcome
Into these open arms
When all of us our gathered
We shine a light into the dark
This home is where my heart is
And it's always been that way
Cuz you're forever by my side
And I know I'm here to stay
And by faith we believe
And proclaim our deepest love
To give our everything, everything
To a power beyond us
And when it's cold outside
It's always warm right here
It's so good to be home
Home, home sweet home...
Oh, it's good to be home
Home sweet home
Yeah yeah

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