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one, i'm tripping literally. I should be dishwashing. 'cause i got 4 legged knees and off the they be crossing. go 'head and ask my bosses, they'll tell you that i'm clumsy. i'll probably fall into your fist so you won't have to punch me. two, i'm vegetarian so i don't want your beef. you floss expensive jewerly i floss my crooked teeth. i sing in church choir, my daddy is a Reverend, I tried to be a gangstar but my curfew was eleven. three, I drive my vest book through the streets and wear my helmet proud, do my homework everynight they gummed me to this rowded crowd. I signed for the battle and filled in all the basics but when they saw that it was me they put me on the wait list. four, I run from bullies in the street i don't know how to fight. i don't throw left or rights I just let this bridget right. i'm skinny y'all scrawny arms in a tiny chest. shoot i could hide behind that pole if i just hold my breath. five, my apron looks like a dress i twirl around like a pretty princess. i'm not a bus boy, i'm a waitress but i can't get the drinks right, taste test. let me buy a drink around for your guest, my hands got sweaty and i lost my grip. my shoes don't fit they're hand-me downs from the salvation army right downtown. when i walk into a room the lights go down. i'm so ugly mom won't hug me and thats take better distance than you, i beat myself so you can do.

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