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I can hear your song
Like a secret story
I can hear your heart
You don't have to worry
Girl you're not alone
You make it through
'Cause you know, you know
That I play for you

I never thought
That I needed rescue
Singing by myself
How did my voice find you?
Now you're here, it's weird
I know that my song
Was meant for two

I've tried to hide it everyday
'Cause deep inside I've been so afraid
But all you have to do
Is say my name, it melts away
So let's stay

One to one, it's the sweetest music
Drum one beat and we'll never lose it
Stronger side by side
Yeah we're better in harmony-ny
It's you and me only

One to one, singing through the static
Feels so right, we're like automatic
Walls are coming down
To the sound of our melody
I know I belong with you
Your music sets me free

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