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Hopeless - lyrics


Lately I been feelin like I’m not even alive now

Feelin like my life is over I’m just on the ride now

Momma think I’m famous couple fans stopped me out in public

Tell me that they love it when I say I wanna die now

They don’t wonder why tho swear to god I’m cryin out

Only fuckin time I feel alive is when I’m cryin now

I hate the way I feel inside but shawty thing I’m fly now

Got the voices in my head ghostwriting all the lines now

But I know I know I know

I been fucked up too long too long

Try to hold on hold on

Tell me why I feel alone feel alone

Put the gucci on my belt just to fuck my life up

Put my feelings in a song I sit back an I write em

Cigarettes in my clothes when I flick my lighter

All the smoke in my lungs now I’m caught in a cycle

I know this

I’m broken

I’m open

I can’t hold on

No copin

I’m hopless

I try but

I can’t hold on

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