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Nothing Is Written - lyrics


Nothing is written the way it oughta be,
one lie befalls another.
Walk on through the fire, the fire of a new day,
and there's no one there to greet you.
When nobody cares.

Stop holding on so tightly
'cause you'll never be strong enough
to keep it from leaving.
Walk into the night's fearless fever
so cold it makes you sweat.

Who you gonna run to
now that day's gone and closed her eyes?
Nowhere to turn to, surrounded by nothing.
We fight the current still.

Too many excuses, talk of disparity
and still we turn the other way.
Ask ourselves this question,
"If it was you, what would you do?"
When nobody cares.
Hate is the killer that is stalking.
He's blind to the colors that bleed
the same blood as you and me.
Just reach out and take my medicinal hand.

Stare at the water's reflection of me.
I do not recognize the look that deceives.
Who am I now that my future is gone?
How can I finish a fight that's been forgotten?

Usher seats us slowly with no reckoning.
Another night you spend alone.
It's a silent picture moving so fast.
If only they could turn the sound up louder.

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