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Welcome to the hell zone - lyrics

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Bobby Raps:
Laughing in the face of death
Higher then a space cadette
Aspire to greater steps
Kill the game, I arrive just to pay respect
All that talking you do is cheap you ain't making sense
Breaking bread, boy you couldn't break a thread
Making threats, boy you couldn't make a friend
Take offense, over something someone says you said
Get slept, make your bed, no escape, save your breath
K, what's next? These boys hardly harder
I'm like a modern Charlie Parker mixed with Ali Baba
Leave these kids more fucked up then that Molly got'em
Like a Lil Scrappy song you don't want no problems
Sigh idly then reply calmly
Lie to me then rely on me, these days gone this is afterlife
But I'm like an old school singer, I'm glad it's night
Corbin asked me if I'm scared of dying
The more I think about it I'm kind of excited
Maybe that's because my mind is sick and demented
But death ain't shit but a new adventure x2
Spooky Black:
You don't see but I've been holding back
Tempted to do off, end it all at that
You can help me if your aim is pure
But there's no medicine, you know the cure
And I could be alone but I faint, it's my fate
Ooh, and I could be alone, why wait on

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