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I’m living a lie.
The truth stripped from my words,
forever falling through grace.
You disgrace me.
You won’t replace me.
You were kneeling before me.
The very king of performing.
And the only choice that you made
was to live with death or conforming.
To understand just what we’ve been through,
upon request you must relinquish,
all that has held you together.
We are the eye of the storm.
Where the flames are the rain
and volcanoes the water source.
And as the fire consumes you,
you’re forgiving your fate as you beg for remorse.
I’ll be there, when your limelight breaks
and your body is bounded by chains.
So fight your fights little boy,
because when you grow up you’ll find
that you’ve lived your life blind.
Let me be the voice, that blocks out the noise.
And the shout that refrains from their cowardly mouths.
Let me be the hearts of the unloved, and the minds of the lost.
These pure hearts and minds are the only thing
that we have that they haven’t got.
Crown your mind, with more than a throne.
Stay just alive ‘till you hear of home.
Crown your mind to keep them alive.
Tell me, would you leave this world behind?
Just to find your place in the sky.
Would you leave this world behind?
The black of the night it took you inside and became all the lies.
But no, not even the dark will find you in time.
Where are my enemies now, their bodies are stacked.
When you fuck with us, we fuck right back.
Where are they now?
Where are my enemies now?

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