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Changing Lives - lyrics

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It's Frank DiLella with New York 1's On Stage.
We're here for the opening night of Eleanor.
The Eleanor Roosevelt Musical musical.
Let's talk process
When I'm in character
I go insane, I stagger, I stammer, I sob
I make the audiences feel my pain
And if they don't leave depressed
Then I've not done my job
Each time I find a role like Eleanor
The artist inside of me thrives
I put on that wig
And those prosthetic teeth
And know I'm changing lives
By the time I get tuberculosis in Act Two
Even the people who are dead inside
Will Shout 'Bravo!' On Cue
The first review is in!
New Jersey Star-Ledger
Don't tell me!
Unless it's a rave or a mixed-positive.
It says we're a hit!
We're a hit and I think we deserve it!
That's for sure
Also, it means that this tour de force
Will not be forced to tour
To Eleanor!
May she run for eternity!
To Eleanor!
Cheers to a show that's so inspiring
It's almost too much to sit through
And if we run, that might mean one more thing
That in ten years or so, we'll do Eleanor Two!
I can predict what the reviews will say
Before the next notice arrives
It's ground-breaking
In two words it's
That's why every actor strives
For adulation
And compensation
That comes from nightly
Changing Lives
It's just what we do

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