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My Minnesota Home - lyrics

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Way down upon little Mississippi river
Not so far away
That’s where my fokes have lived 4 ever
And that’s where I’m goin’ to stay
I’ve been searching across the whole creation
Half my life or more (and more)
But I found my one sweet Satisfaction
Right here on that muddy river shore
all the World
It is so sad and dreary
every where I roll
oh mama how I miss the prairie
and my Minnesota home
I can see my mama’s sweet sweet face
Every Sunday morning
All the good all hymns
praise god that we’ve
we melt in prepare
right beside of our precious aunts and uncles
Who loved us when we were young
In the valley of darkness
they are the shepherds
Who lead me to pastures green
And I’ll sit with my mama by the still still waters
And goodness and mercy follow me
I floated down the Columbia and the Hudson
Walked on the banks of the Ohio (Ohio Ohio)
on the banks of a Wabash
And the mighty Colorado
And the old red river way up north
all the world is a world of rivers
flowing too the sea
but here on that old Mississippi
here is the home 4 you and me
all the world
it is so sad and dreary
every where I roll
oh mama how I missed the prairie
and my Minnesota home
Thanks to mike for these lyrics

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