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Grey*59, all I see is scrubs
Face mean mugged
On a couple drugs
Smoke with Migo plug
FTP, my blood
Grey the fucking gang
Boy, stay in your lane
Never high, just maintain
Hate this fame, hate this game
Take these shoes, last a day
Oil flowing through my veins
Lil Remains, that make that stang
Y'all look good in cellophane, mane
Insane, real blade, swing it through your fucking brain
I said fuck 'em (fuck 'em!)
We got a problem (what?)
Fuck you gonna do with it? (huh?)
I think nada (nah)
Just a persona (okay), and I'm Nirvana (Cobain)
Poppin' xans to make you mad, I know you want some
Rollin', rollin', rollin', rollin', rollin', rollin', rollin'
Got an ounce of the coke, white snow flurry (what?)
River Road shawty, Yung Christ, one chosen
$lick tote the AK-47, stolen, woadie joscing
[Verse 2: SNOWMANE]
All of y'all are over-saturating 'Preme and Bape
Bitch, it's FTP all fucking day, all y'all look the fucking same
Fuck the fame, fuck a lane
Bitch, I'm 'bout to swerve into the toll booth, and scrape the change
Bring out your dead and blamin' it on Yung Plague
Bitch, I pull up with the K
K9 by my right leg 'till I say okay
Canine on his hind legs, rippin' off your face
All I gotta say is G*59 until the grave
One color, two numbers
Three fingers in the sky, amongst the thunder
I'm like, fuck the others
I'ma, bring the ruckus
I might, fuck your bitch
She swears, she suffers under the covers
I'ma, I'ma, I'ma hellhound, hell-bound, shawty wanna die
I'ma sell pounds, sell pounds
Shawty said she might, let them bells pound, bells pound
Shawty wanna cry, I'm like fuck it every night
Keep turning black, I close my eyes

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