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Purple blade, red blood, $uicide
Alright, first off, I'll snatch your bitch and then swerve off
The whole time she was calling you a jerk off and calling me for the dick
I'm a slick kid
Stick quick, sneeze, and then kick them to the curb
Off to the next one
Oddy Nuff stuffing guts fucking flex and stunt
With a blunt in my mouth
With my dick in a cunt
What you bout motherfucker?
Fuck your mother from the front, from the back, licked my nuts
She was nice and sweet
But, her too, had to punt to the side of the street
You wanna fuck with me?
You gonna suck the d-i-c-k-l-m-n-o-motherfucking-p
So you see?
Ain't no fooling around fools like you
Let the siren pound
As the world go round
I put another fucking round in the middle of my head as I drop to the ground
[Verse 2: $LICK $LOTH]
I got diamonds in my lean
Gold plated teeth
Adderall for the cheap
Half the time I'm fucking sleep
It's the iced out, draped up, young Mel Gibson
Sippin' Bart Simpson and you begging for a mention
Trapping off the fives
Sucking on some bitches breast
Got my dick all on her breath
Got my nut all on her chest
It's that young Gucci sensei
Slickity Sloth the fucking menace
Yung Christ in the flesh
$uicide until I'm finished

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Silent Night - Single