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T3RR0R 3RR0R - Domination - lyrics

Kiss me
Touch me
Lick me
Follow me
Fuck me
Find me
Feel my
Desires of future keep haunting my flesh
Behind the city lights
The monster wants your brains
But i see, and i wait everyday
They come to feed my anger
Cuz' i know the way they work
And they cant stop my domination
I was running inside my head
But now im close to reach the end
And i wont stop, i want to show
This world im dominating
Once again the story ends
And the light kills the darkness
Once again the crawling hate
Feeds the demon in me, the blood in my veins
Ill send my angel to cover your face,
To create the scent of a love game
And when you see its a fantasy
Ill get your head with my domination

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