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The Last Dance - lyrics

Scream my dear
Scream and dance for me
I am your friend, i own your soul.
Where is the music i used to love?
Where is the rythm that moves the crowd?
Was it all a fantasy?
I am in the end of the road
I am the water, i am the rain
I am the fire that burns your hell
You belong to me, im the universe
All is full of hate, bring the light to me
When the lights come down,
Would you dance for me?
That is all you say
Sounds unfair for me
Soon your life will fade
and i'll be the queen
so, when your lights are down
you will dance for me
Oceans of sounds surrounding my head Tears of life distorting the air
The sun is red, dripping wine on the floor
The lights are gone, this is the last dance

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