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The Light of Which I Dream - lyrics

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Crossed my villains, found my foes
Waged my war and defeated my woes
Bright light shining pure and warm
There we stood in a furious storm
Dark clouds falling, sunshine bleak
Just a vision the light that she seeks
Thunder raging in her eyes
Vowing never to lay down and die
So she screams you won't hurt me anymore
As she glares the beast in the eye
The beast roars as its jaws rip open wide
For her to fall like she has a million times
And all those years she would've just fallen inside
But she cries out not this time
As she looks her past in the eyes
You won't hurt me anymore she cries
I found the answers that were trapped within her mind
The light of which I dream I find
The remains of her life that she holds on
She now has the power to rebuild
And she will rise from the depths that she has cried
She won't drown in the tears that never dried
And all those years she would’ve just laid down and died
But she cries out not this time

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The Light of Which I Dream