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Zico's hyung - lyrics

Zico anigo
Yeah I’m Woo Tae Woon
I’m not Zico
Yeah I’m Woo Tae Woon
Woo Tae Wooneui jaeneung. rap hanji samnyeon. gwaemul
Hippeulgwa rakhip nareum idol kkoripyo dalgo anjaphineun aksungdaetgeul ttaemoonae oreun hot news
Taewooni baljeonsokdo Rhymer hyungnim wajoongae bonae nollaneun katok imoticon
Zicoeui fandm. deobooleo myeongpoom otgwa shinbal
Ijen witdaegari sunbaerapperdeulgwa jotganjinage gissawoom
Zicoeui inmaek. bangsong iwaeeui daebichaek
Ijen hyunshil ganeunghaejin saechawa saeshigae
Anbureowoolsueobjiman wontongryeoki dwaen naeui dongsaeng
Dokgi eobshin wiroorugi shwipjiana boyeojuryeoneun nareumeui dok baek
I’m just proud of him. woori gajokeui jarangija nan ‘jangnan’ae maeum satseoteuni deo ‘jangnam’ iji
But I’ve been changed since I was on mic
Jwilttae buteo naebaraem dubeonjjae pitjuleui muguhwoon jimban
Geurae naneun cheotbeonjjaeroseo jilmgo shipeo tto eokke gudeumsal beotgyeonae
Geumajoongae myeotmyeotdeuli gajok sangdaero shoreul yeoleotnae
'Ne'shoro inhae Zico. Dongshiae nado jonna boolpyeunham
Dwiaeseo shut the pump jalhaneun XXXboondeul anmukhan stupid mouth
Bangbeopeun hana naega ‘wiro oreulsbakkae’
Geureom pyungsaeng mitaeseo neonaen naro ‘wiro badeulsubakkae’
Woo Tae Woon’s talent. 3 years since I started to rap. Monster
Hip Hop people and Rock Hip Hop, in a way appearing on hot news because of not getting hit by the negative comments with my idol tag
Taewoon’s development speed. In that process, Rhymer hyungnim sends me a surprised emoticon on KaTalk
Zico’s fandom. Along with designer clothes and shoes
Now he’s stylishly having a nerve war with the top senior rappers
Zico’s personal connections. A preparation for things besides broadcasts
Now the reality has become possible with a new car and new watch
I can’t be not jealous of him but he has become a driving force
A monologue to show that it’s hard to go up without malices
I’m just proud of him. Our family boasts about him yet I’m the ‘eldest’ since I’ve built up my hatred for ‘fun’
But I’ve been changed since I was on mic
It was my desire ever since I held onto it. A heavy weight of the second blood related one
That’s right, I want to carry it since I’m the eldest, and remove the dead skin
Meanwhile, a few people have opened the show facing the family
Due to ‘your’ show Zico. I feel uncomfortable at the same time too
There are XXX people behind who are good at shut the pump, sharing a stupid mouth
There is one way, I should ‘go to the top’
Then the people under me will forever ‘can’t help but accept me at the top'

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