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Luciferian Elegy - lyrics

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Penetrate deep into my pain
Clandestine and silent, yet never to subside
A curse that wears no face or disguise
Behold the heavens lustrous that my contempt arouse
Still I covet one thousand eyes to possess
When the dusk paints the perfection most complete
So hasten I to beset what's left of the light
In the grace of obscurity to empower my sight
... to seek what's seemingly never to be found
Why hast thou broken my wings?
Didst thou see peril in me?
Accusing me for perfidious acts
Was thine utmost stupidity
For those were only ambitions
A greater sovereign than thou to be
So, betrayal thou didst promulgate
For the fear of dethronement made thee elate:
"Begone, wretched creature of pride!
In the burning arms of oblivion be forever lulled!"
Yet thy sentence I accepted with mockery:
"Who art thou to sit in judgement upon me?
How spiteful soever thy words would be
I bow to none, so shall I not before thee!"
Then the curse was cast
And I'd fallen aghast
With my hordes wearing new grown horns
Like black lace clad eerie shadows
Into the everburning pits we descended
Like a phantom spirit
That breeds the eternal fire
The flaming abyss and the secret it keeps
Were there for me, a new home to be...
Fleshless yet awake
Shapeless and forsaken
The Serpent of old I am
Still pulsating in the depth
Of this tragedy's birth
With the "mercy of God" etched in my heart
But even tortured by the lashes of million godly whips
No word of penitence will ever pass my lips

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