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Eternal fears of unknown strength
That live through hearts of foolish ones
Consume this world to ruin it all
While horror breeze strikes the flesh.
Upon our heads the dark age rise
Blackened skies that hide the stars
Fathers cast the curse on sons
Blood will flow, no eden comes!
No one kneels and no one prays
Words of love have become a myth
Sacred dogmas brought us chains
In godless world of walking corpse.
Divine extinction
Our father
Can you save me now?
Again I feel so lonely
And bitterness fills my heart
Never the sun will rise
And sanity betrayed my mind.
For all I saw
Was more than lie.
Alone with empty hopes
No skies left to see
Without my only dream
I am dying in agony.
For all that I believed
Is gone, it is tearing me.
Fire skies will burn my eyes
The smell of rotten tears my lungs
Empty cry rips eternal dark
For salvation and hand of god.
Hidden lies cannot fool my eyes
Their moral failure starts world's demise
See the cripples starve in blood
See the truth - there is no god!

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