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Convictions - lyrics

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Keep your feet on the ground
Keep your feet on the ground
And your head held up high
You won't reach your dreams
If you don't even try
Don't lift off, always stay grounded
Even when you feel, you feel surrounded
by your darkest fears, and you feel hounded
break free, even when you feel confounded
Remain true to yourself
You're not living in the life of someone else
Don't ever let it get you down
Never forget, just where you came from
Just remember this is still your home
Future brings to you, the unknown
get off your ass, don't just moan
So many people try, try to confine you
Remember this, you have got to break through
And go after your dreams with full enlightenment
Just remember, never stay silent
Be yourself, be free, stay on the ground and keep your head up proudly
Don't be confined, by any law, by any rule or by any kind boundary
by any rule or by any kind boundary
You can be an achiever
Don't follow any leader
we will always
stand for something
Only you
and nobody else
You've got to
Believe in yourself

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