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Empires (feat. Bobby of Coyotes) - lyrics

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This is a call to arms
This is a call to arms
to the ones that want to fight
for all they love, for all that's good
and for all that's right
You didn't think this through
you will be hunted down
There is no sink or swim
There's only sink and drown
We will no stop at no
We will climb your walls
We are making all the calls
Until this empire falls
Because all empires fall
What will future generations say
When they look back someday?
Will they see that we all just quit?
Or will they see how fought for it?
We will always remember WOHOHOOOO
These dark days we are going through
We will never surrender WOHOHOOOO
Until justice is done upon you
Be free, and free your mind
Unleash the beast you have inside
If we're effective only time will tell
if there's a heaven, then earth is hell

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