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Lone[R]anger - lyrics

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and we will carry on the flame
Of the fire you have lit inside
you can run but you can't hide
Destructive, disadvantage
When you created me, you didn't think it through
This is what you made of me
All the things I don't want to be
I gave up on myself
Until I realized, that there's nobody else
Someone save me - someone save me from myself
I've been lost and found - from heaven back to hell
Searching for answers to the questions I never asked
I am torn inside, trying to hide, the person behind the mask
When I find myself drowning in despair
I don't cry for help, I just sit and stare
All these hollow shells I can no longer bare
Truth is - I don't fucking care
Dark days have lead my paths
I can't wait to make it out a last
I see it, but a can't reach the light
In the end I hope it's worth the fight
Wake me up from this illusion
all this hatred, pain and confusion
I can't take anymore of this pounding
added ignorance, incompetence surrounding me
It hurts the most when it comes from your friends
Mark my words, we will arise before it ends

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