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Born Into The Flame - lyrics

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So many faces
but you know there's only mine that carries the traces,
that mark us the same
We've been losers,
but there's always a chance to be the one of the choosers,
to be proud of your name
We've got the hearts of ice
Part of it is just a make believe, but sometimes lies
can be made up too real
So choose your side
by the things you are out to achieve, you cannot hide
or your heart's never gonna heal
Don't you see, this world was made for you and me,
it's time to change our history
We were born into the flame, how does it feel
We were born into the flame, you know its real
There's a dream we share
A dream we made our own and we will be there,
where it rises to shine
This is the time, this is the place,
start living right now, right here
Don't lose your faith, we're in the race
just wait for the price to appear
We were born into the flame...

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