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Storm of Terror - lyrics

Poisoned virtue...
As a tornado who crawls deep in a vacuum
Its wind becomes the rythms to a Symphonie of
Played on a breezy path of obscurity
The endless strom of terror
Twisting all nature into a demon
The marriage of heaven and hell
One grey poisoned garden with a labyrinth
Where the ends got off into ecstasies...
A raving autumn shears
Through some grim past years
Closed eyelid crushes the gleam
Into motions of a strange green stream
High as the birds in the white of the air
Whom the devils only can hear
They are crying like painfully spirits
As the terror is crawling within
Dear shadows...- now you know it all
Once again remaining a soul
The wilderness comes aloud
From the ended labyrinth who have been crowned
Gained measures fireing the gleam
To broken treasures who fades in a dream
The endless storm of terror
Please, let him crawl in their minds...

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