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Me & the Moon - lyrics

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I look to the sky
Not watching where my feet are heading
My vulnerable mind
No idea which path I'm walking
In my life
The trees are blue, my head is aching
And I'm so tired
I didn't sleep I watched the stars all night
I sing to the moon
The only light I see in this dark room
He watches me cry
The face of anger
The feeling of pain inside
But that's alright
I'll defy gravity with my best friend the Moon
He's always around
The only friend I had, didn't let me down
And walk away
Wherever I am in the world
I see his face
He watches them all
With the hate for the Father, The Mother of Earth and the Moon
And the Moon
In my mind my imagination
In this life full of limitation
I can't fly unless I'm dreaming
In my soul all I need is freedom
I'm not another number to the population
All I want is a little Love
Love, love, love, love, we need Love
Oh Love
It's me and the Moon
Against this small old world
But gravity, yeah yeah, keeps me away from him
All alone in the sky
He want's me by his side
I miss him in the day
I sing to him each night
I miss him in the day
I sing to him each night
I wait for him
The Moon

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